Wendy's house glowed in the foggy moonlight. It was a magical night. Id been waiting for such a night.

Bedtime for Wendy. Tomorrow shed be moving into her own room. No more sharing with children. Tomorrow shed grow up. Tomorrow shed be a woman.


Her hand reached down and pressed through her nightgown and panties, tangling her fingers in the gauzy cotton. Frustrated and afraid to lose the feeling, she hiked the frail silk of her nightgown above her thighs, frantic to find it, frantic to touch it, and there! Her fingers pushed into her panties, into the inflamed slice of wonder, and her lungs gulped for air. Her butt tightened as her fingers rotated on her innocent groin, awake now to her newly discovered hunger.


I placed my shadow hand on her bottom, filling her crack like liquid glass, and I pressed her up, into my shadow face, now buried into her delicious, saturated peach. She arched her back against her furious hand, against my grinding face, forcing me inside.

Nnn . . . !

Her hand gripped her pubic bone, thumb squashing her electric button, and I filled her sweet gap with all of me! I was inside her completely, and her thighs shook as the balloon filled and burst! Her hips bucked. She squealed and whimpered as the wave took her higher even as it crashed. Her hand gripped and rubbed while I expanded inside her, swallowing.
She tightened . . . trembled,  . . . a spasm of cascading, gooey fireworks sprayed from her peach. Uh . . . !

And the balloon filled again, even before it emptied. Her legs flailed as her hand gripped her blossoming lotus even harder, pressing, grinding, thrashing, while I expanded even more and spun in her sloppy fountain of honey, and her spine torqued suddenly backward as the balloon burst again.