Suzie nodded off for only a moment. The movie wasnít so hot, but what did she expect at a drive-in? Still, this is not where she was a minute ago.

Well, maybe itís where she was but not when she was. The car into which she awoke was a í57 Chevy. And it looked brand new! And where did this skirt come from? Itís like a parachute! And when was the last time she saw a poodle on a skirt?


She waited so anxiously that she hardly noticed his hand on her back, unclipping her bra. He must have been anxious too, because it took him a while. But she waited for him, for his holy rivet to sprout like some cannon unveiled from under this tarp of Levis, and her eyes closed, her lips parted, and she let them touch his Levis, his rolling dune of rough Levis. Her drool dripped onto his pants, leaving a dark spot, and she dabbed the spot with her tongue, tasting the denim heat of his mean, holy rivet stretching stiff and rigid under her mouth.

How could she stop her lips from following her tongue? Her lips opened and pressed against his pulsing knoll, her tongue stroked his jeans, her teeth cushioned against him by the mere fabric of his jeans, the only thing between her mouth and him, just his jeans, mere blue jeans. But there, she found the breach, his button-fly breach, and her tongue stretched, wedging past the rough, cotton fabric, and when she discovered he was wearing no underwear, when her tongue touched skin it might as well have been a light socket. Somehow, her hands were there, fingers fumbling, red-nailed fingers popping the metal buttons as her tongue reached and her lungs groaned and her eyes closed and her lips drooled into his crotch.

And at the exact moment he sprang upright, strong and sizzling, like a spear of meat right through the curtain of his Levis, at that very moment her bra slipped away and the musky, sauna-moist air enveloped her like a blessing, sanctifying her lust. His palm closed on her naked breast, burning his fingerprints into her flesh, and her lungs froze with the pleasure of it.

The seat slick under her bare legs, she squirmed. Perspiration drizzled down the backs of her thighs, pooling in the pockets behind her knees, dripping to the powder blue upholstery.